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Help With Online Maps

1) When I search for results the screen looks strange or does display properly?

Unfortunately, the main Arcserver technology that drives the normal arcserver maps works best in Internet Explorer. Though it will work in browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, or others it may not display properly and produce unexpected results. In the future we are looking at using some more maps that are based on flash, but for now you will need to use Internet Explorer.

2) When I search by owner last name it takes a really long time?

The search by owner last name is known to be slow. It has to search several nested databases to return values. We have worked to optimize the search but it is still slower than some of the other searches.

3) One of the options I want to turn on is grayed out and I can't turn it on?

To keep the maps moving fast many layers will not turn on until you are zoomed in beyond 1:50,000 scale. If you zoom beyond 1:50,000 these layers should become available.

4) What I need help with is not covered here?

If you need help with our GIS portal you can call Joel Logan, GIS Manager at 706-367-1877 or email jlogan@jacksoncountygov.com .